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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Brrr. Again.

I cast on the back of Invested the other day and have been working at it here and there. I've done the first two rows of decreases and at the rate this knits up will finish in no time. Have I said that I like this pattern? Yeah? Well, ... I do, lots.

Last night temps dropped to -20*C/-4*F.

It more than likely won't get much better. This is how things look for the next five days. Easter Vigil is going to be really damn cold. Good thing we have a ton of handknit wool stuff to wear.

Even the pets are trying to conserve heat.

YO-HOO! Spring? Are you coming? Miss Sprout and I are ready. No, I'm not going to tell you what she is. You'll just have to keep coming back to find out. A girl's gotta have a little mystery about her, don't you know.

I'm having issues with adding a small description to photos on Photobucket so I am going to try to get my Girls showcased on Flickr over the weekend and be all ready to really rock and roll on Monday.

I won't be doing a Saturday Sky this weekend. It's Easter and time for a weekend off. Happy Easter to all of you! I wish many blessings on you and yours.


  • Weather that necessitates the using of fabulous handknits can't be all bad, right? I hope you and yours have a blessed, beautiful Easter, in spite of the cold!

    By Blogger Kristy, at 9:37 AM, April 05, 2007  

  • Yuck. Our forecast in Prince George isn't much better, but it is a bit. I guess I'll stop complaining. ;)

    By Blogger Charity, at 10:53 AM, April 05, 2007  

  • Brrr! Sending you some spring warmth!

    Love the pattern, looks great.

    By Anonymous heather, at 1:14 PM, April 05, 2007  

  • Knitting looks great. Go, you!

    By Anonymous Cate, at 5:12 PM, April 05, 2007  

  • Happy Easter! We, too, will probably have snow for Easter. It's snowing right now!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:11 PM, April 05, 2007  

  • Happy Easter to you too! I hope the Easter Bunny doesn't freeze his little tail off hiding all the goodies for your little missy.

    By Blogger Maureen, at 7:23 PM, April 05, 2007  

  • Would love to swap places with you for a while, just so I could have a good excuse to wear my lovely hats and scarves.
    Hope the weather fines up for your soon.

    By Blogger Sue H, at 6:56 PM, April 07, 2007  

  • I can't believe how cold it is over there! It's too late in the year for that, that's for sure! Sending over lots of warmth and spring beaty to you!

    By Anonymous Dipsy, at 1:27 AM, April 08, 2007  

  • Hope you had a Happy Easter. Wow I can't believe how cold it gets over your way. How bout I send some heat over your way and you can send us some cold and wet weather.

    By Blogger Helen, at 5:10 AM, April 09, 2007  

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