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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Walk with me Wednesday. For real!

It's Wednesday and I have an actual walk to post! Amazing. Yesterday was a pretty decent sunny day. So after supper, we went for a walk on the Umfreville Trail. Daddy was having a ball pretending not to move. He stopped as soon as she turned around. Until she figured out what he was up to and made a run for Mama.

The sun was on it's path down turning the trees orange and gold.

A thin skin of ice forming on the puddles told the tale of the chill in the air and the frost yet to come.

Overhangs melt in the sun and freeze at night making lacey patterns of ice.

Little caves surround the streams heading away from snowbanks.

It was a good walk and neither dog nor child wanted to go home.

Not much knitting got done (the right side cast on and nearly to the armholes) and since I get to take off to the neighbouring town all by myself, not much will get done today either. Out for a whole day with no children! Just me. Happy, happy me! I'll probably be lonely within an hour of getting there. I'm contrary like that.

The total for the Relay is starting to climb! Look in the sidebar under my profile.


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