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Monday, December 03, 2007

Finally! Internet ready again.

For now at least. What a weekend for my internet to crap out! We've been having issues on and off for a good while now and if we had a choice of "high" (we pay for 2MB and on a good day we think we are lucky to get 1MB) speed internet providers, we wouldn't be working with our current one anymore. We would have kicked them out a long time ago for that matter. Sometimes it really sucks living in the middle of nowhere. I hate not having any good choices in services like this. We can put up with the crap we already are with the hope that eventually the company that rhymes with haw will replace the lines they should have replaced the first time around or pay a frickin huge fee for the company that rhymes with well to upgrade the telephone lines so we can use that method of high speed. Anyway, you didn't come here to read a rant on my frustrations. You came for the ...

Snow! Loads of it. The swings are getting covered and if this keeps up, they may end up buried.

You probably also came to see if I've managed to knit anything in between rants. The secret project is going well. I had to tweak the pattern a little due to it not showing as well as I would have liked, but now it's all good.

It working up huge on my "Xena, Warrior Knitter!" needles too. Sweater hand purchased.

Balance is finally done and felted. I am still working on the pattern though. It may be a while. Things have been crazy lately and I like it.

The side. Gives it a nice shape. All that's left is some stiffener for the bottom and maybe a lining. Maybe.

Meantime, a new project! See I kind of accidentally threw my Flapper Girl's Twist in the wash and it's a wee bit tight now. The wool was washable, but not the kind of washing it got. Whups. Ah, well. I needed something new to work on and I wanted a quick project.


  • Oh there you are! I was wondering what happened to you. Balance is pretty cool. Is the bag pattern yours? The motif that you used looks familiar - I want to say that I saw a swatch that you did on the site that illustrates the Barbara Walker collection. And as long as I'm pulling things out of dim memory, is your birthday on Thursday? All of a sudden I can't leave my usual calling card, so I'll just sign - doublehelix.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:06 AM, December 04, 2007  

  • Oh I love the felted bag. The colors are perfect. Are you still working? I had thought you weren't posting much now coz you're in the outside world more and like me, tired when you get home. And I don't have a little one to take care of.

    By Blogger Rhonda the Stitchingnut, at 8:55 AM, December 04, 2007  

  • i like balance. i see little happy faces.

    and those knitting needles... whapah!

    so i take it you're not experiencing back sweat dripping to your undies during the day.

    By Blogger IHateToast, at 2:05 AM, December 10, 2007  

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