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Thursday, June 22, 2006

I got s-m-r-t.

This morning I sat down at my computer, plugged in my camera and uploaded the pictures I had taken yesterday of some lovely golden cornbread I had made, some crazy storm clouds, some planned projects, some dryer lint and some good ones of Apollo (the dog). At least that's what I thought I had done. Apparently, I plugged in the camera and waited for all the information to be read then unplugged it and cleared all the pictures. I did not actually import anything. All my snapping. Gone. Sigh. Me so S-M-R-T!!

Wondering how come I took pictures of dryer lint? Thought so. Thoughts of lost marbles and early on-set dementia crossed my mind too. I did have a reason, honest! You see, I had intended to show you what a fire hazard looks like. I'll start at the beginning. Our dryer is about a year old. I clean out the lint trap after every load and thought I was pretty safe. I even got a little smug and holier-than-thou about all those lazy people who never clean their traps and wonder why their dryer catches fire (again with the s-m-r-t). Well, guess what, I looked inside the space underneath the lint trap. Holy freakin' crap!! The pile of lint I pulled out of there had to be seen to be believed! Shove a vacuum down the inside of your lint traps people!!! It's scary in there!

My dishwasher and a nice cool wind has finally returned my will to do things like this and the cornbread from yesterday. Baking is so much nicer without a huge mess to wash up after you're done! From the left we have Lemon Blueberry Muffins (just add zest from one lemon and the juice from aforementioned lemon. Subtract an equal amount of the milk called for to make up for the additional juice), Chocolate Chip Cookies and Chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips. Some of the cookies will find their way out to my Secret Pal. I'd send muffins too, but they don't travel all that well.

I haven't managed to get much knitting done so here is another distraction for you.
Remember this book from my Secret Pal?

Well, here is another of the projects I want to turn into a knit pattern. It's a simple fleece blanket with a wide bound edge that has buttons sewn onto it. I want to knit it in a different colour and use beads on the edges instead. I plan on collecting some decent size beads with holes big enough to fit a stitch through so I don't have to string them onto the yarn and push them along. Of course first I have to do a quick swatch with a bead to see how well that will work.

I have a few more projects planned, but, I'll show those another day.


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