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Sunday, June 11, 2006

My World Wide Knit in Public Day.

Here's the strap on it's way to the neighbouring town (one hour drive through mostly bush country) to be knit on in public.

It grew at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

It shopped. The girl in yesterday's post took the money for these.

It watched the child transform into a pink butterfly. She was so fascinated that Mommy was actually letting someone paint on her face, that she held really still and even asked nicely for pictures on her arms. "Paint my skin? Please?"

The strap helped pick up beer for a barbeque at a friend's house.

The woman in yesterday's post is not me. I have no cahonies.

Have a good one!


  • Hey, I really loved this photo essay - you'll deserve the gold medal for Knitting in Public! Such a fun story, and your little pink butterfly girlie is such a cutie!

    By Anonymous Dipsy, at 11:45 PM, June 11, 2006  

  • love the butterfly cheeks! they must fit into the cups made by hands.

    By Blogger IHateToast, at 6:00 AM, June 13, 2006  

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