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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Same diff.

Remember the eighties? Say that title "Valley Girl" style and there you are!

Remember yesterday's swatch? Well I tried her rewrite of the original pattern. First, the one on the bottom of the needles, is her pattern done using English knitting style of YO's and Eastern Uncrossed (I told you I like that name) K/P stitches. Then I tried it using the English method of knitting and YO's together. Notice the ridges that stand out in the top swatch? That is really the only difference I noticed between the two different styles of knitting. My stitches lie flatter and more beside each other. The English are closer together and overlap slightly at the center of the column making a ridge.

On the left, All English style YO's and the two different styles of K2tog, K and P. I do NOT like the K2tog English style. I am a tight knitter and that is not a fun way to knit. If I only used that style of knitting, I probably would not have progressed much beyond squares and scarves. No shaping required. I probably wouldn't even consider doing lace. Eastern Uncrossed it is and now I have to figure out how to adjust patterns to suit me. I won't be suiting me to the patterns, that's for sure!! On the right my original swatch using the original pattern on the Double Helix's blog: S1, K1(*P1, YO, P2tog, K1*) using my way of K/P and my way of YO. What a difference!

My other knitting stuff. The Tit-Bit off the needles and ready to sew up and stuff. The square that was further along until I measured it. The original was way too wide!! A graph that needs some tweaking to get the diamond right. It's for the last swatch for my baby blanket. Vote may possibly be held before the end of July. I will probably be dying some more sock yarn and offering it as a random draw prize to all who vote. I promise to practice dying a bit more first!!

Naptime, kitty style!! Looks comfy doesn't he?!

I just thought I would add that the yarn store, "Northern Knits" in the post from a few days ago isn't my store. I would be estatic if it was, but alas, it isn't. It belongs to a beautiful human named Pat Uren. A generous woman who loves yarn and knitting.
Suzanne, I like your swatches too. I think your second swatch would make a great lace scarf for my Mother-in-Law. You knit Continental. That must be why I didn't get the same nice narrow band between the YO's like you did! I couldn't figure out why they looked so different.


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