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Friday, June 16, 2006

Some distractions for you.

Something to look at until I finish swatching. Not much else being knit around here.

Reskeined and overdyed! I like this colour much better. It's a very dark purple like that of a violet. Now I just have to knuckle down and actually knit socks out of it. It's going to stay skeined for a little while though. It took me so long to line up the colours, I'm going to leave them lined up for a bit!

She is "reading" a story to her buddy. I think he's dreaming of be able to go outside. It's a sin that I can't let them out to play, but they don't have any front claws and some people in this area think that because we don't live right in town they can let their dogs run loose. Two of the dogs who run loose are the type that view cats as prey. Not safe.

Jezzy came tearing in here at top speed tail up, attacked the carpet for a minute or two and promptly rolled over and proceeded to give herself a bath. Crazy kitty! :-)

Thanks to those who played the one word game! I like the words you used. Tenacious (I like that better than stubborn and hard-headed :-D ) Caring and Compassionate (Thank you. I am humbled.) Tit-ilating (hee hee!)


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