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Monday, June 12, 2006

Now the Relay.

This isn't the best picture, but, there are people walking around the high school track. The object of the Relay for Life is to have two people from your team walking the track at all times for twelve hours. Sort of like keeping the watch in the army. You walk for a while, sleep/talk/knit/visit/ for a while, walk for another little while. We came late so I didn't get pictures of the opening Walk of Triumph where the people who have survived or are living with cancer walk to celebrate another year of life.

The Moon watched over it all.

The platform filled with paper bags represent all the friends and family of a loved one who purchased a luminary (all proceeds go to cancer research) in honour of someone who lost the fight. All of these represent a woman who own a flower shop here in town. She walked last year. Her cancer returned not long after and she didn't make the walk this year. Three women in her family shaved their heads in memory of her. Pictures of some of the Cops for Cancer head shavings tomorrow. Those white rectangles in the background are also luminaries for others who lost the battle.

This boy was only four years old when he lost the fight to a rare brain tumour. He also walked/was pushed last year. Every mother grabbed their babies on that sad day. I couldn't put mine down for long. I couldn't leave the room she was in for nearly a week. The little boy I look after was his cousin. His mother had to take a week off of work so she wouldn't have to leave her baby. It is so scary to think that you could outlive your baby. Even worse when they still are babies. Please consider giving to your local cancer research group. No parent should lose another baby no matter what their age to this insidious disease!

I posted this the other day. I got this from a new friend. She and my husband knew each other growing up. He and her brothers were really good friends. She invited us out to a BBQ on Saturday (the one the strap picked up beer for) and while we were there (She is awesome by the way. She even knits. How cool is that!) She took me up to the attic to show me what the previous owners had left behind. Yarn, people! YARN!!! SIX clear, oversized, yard waste bags FULL of yarn! She said take as much as you like. If only I had more time, arms and trunk space! Most of it is white, but, still. FREE YARN! As much as I could carry! I staggered out a happy woman!

I'm planning on making a baby blanket for her three month old son as soon as I can figure out the design. I'm thinking rectangles in rectangles with the blue, brown and the cream in the bag.
Three of the cones will be turned into lace shawls green and periwinkle for me and a periwinkle for my MIL and the fourth as well as seven of the little balls of crochet thread, and the loose white balls will make their way to another new friend who crochets.
My mother got the rest of the crochet thread. It was a good day!

My husband is out fishing with my new friend's brother who is up from Halifax, NS right now. I told him if more yarn fell in the trunk, I would not be upset. I would find the room!


  • The Relay For Life must have been such a great event, such kind of things should be done much more often indeed! I got very sad though reading through the individual stories you told, about the woman whose cancer came back and especially the little boy. But something is done for them and obviously a lot of people joined to help, that's fantastic!
    And gosh, now, that's one hell of a score you did with the yarn! Hey, people leaving yarn behind, how could such a thing happen? But yay for you getting it now, it'll be in much better hands now for sure! Great, great yarn - and naturally I'm pretty curious to see the projects you're going to make with it!

    By Anonymous Dipsy, at 12:59 AM, June 13, 2006  

  • what an extremely, extremely worthy cause. thanks for sharing it with us.

    By Blogger carrie, at 1:59 AM, June 13, 2006  

  • I'm in tears. I lost my best friend to leukemia our freshman year in college. What an extremely worthy cause, thank you for sharing about the Relay for Life!

    By Blogger Amy Lu, at 1:42 PM, June 13, 2006  

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