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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Nothing to see here people, move along ...

Really. There isn't. I've been so busy doing this and that and some more of this that I've really accomplished next to nothing.
A little more laundry, a few lines of the dishcloth KAL, a line or two of my charted dishcloth, started a bit more dyeing, cleaned up a little, referee'd a few fights, and chased a few fur tumbleweeds that appeared three minutes after I vacuumed.
No pictures. Results of the dyeing tomorrow.

Martina asked if I used food dye or Kool-aid.

Both. I'm the type that just can't leave well enough alone. I like to tinker with the colours a little. If I add food dyes though, I also add a splash of orange juice or lemon juice for some extra asorbic acid and citric acids, vinegar for general acidity and coarse sea salt. I don't know why I add the salt. I just did one time (what's boiling water without salt) and the wool came out a bit softer. Not really all that noticable and it could just have to do with being lightly boiled, but there you are.

Today I'm trying strong black tea with food dyes (equal parts red and yellow with 1/3 part green make brown) and really strong coffee with just lemon juice, salt and vinegar.

Tomorrow the redraw for the Canadian A?! sock yarn and handmade DPN's since I never did hear from Manise.


  • Oooh, so I still have a chance in your draw?!?! How very exciting :0)

    Looking forward to seeing the result of your food dyes. I've heard about it, but never really looked into it before.

    By Blogger Charity, at 11:11 AM, July 19, 2006  

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