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Friday, July 07, 2006

The night the lights went down in Sioux Lookout

Yesterday was not a stellar day.

First, HP told me I needed an update for my computer. I thought okay, you're a good company with solid products, I'll get the update. It froze the computer solid apparently it's a corrupted file. I had to unplug it to get it to turn off. Then it refused to let me uninstall it. In fact, it hated the idea so much, it froze the bloody computer solid again. By now, I am talking through my teeth because I am trying really hard not to say bad words since 3 little sets of ears would be sure to register them and 3 little mouths would be sure to say them at the most appropriate time possible. Finally a search, a delete items, with Unlocker Assistant, a restart, a scan disk, a defragment, a system restore, a virus scan and a spyware scan later, the frickin' update is gone and I can finally upload pictures again!

Wrong. 5:00pm the power for the entire town went out. Just like that, no warning, no storm, no nothing. Just one minute some Jazz, coffee, a visit with my Aunt and Uncle from Sudbury and nice cool air-conditioning. (I was ten feet away from my camera, so of course there are no pictures.) Then nothing. No worries, we have a BBQ it's all good, how long can it take to find a downed line and fix it? We make supper, eat supper, decide to go for a drive since the car has air-conditioning. 9:15 pm still no power and now there is no breeze. She's a warm and humid mistress tonight, our weather.

There are cars everywhere. People like us aimlessly driving, hoping to stay cool. People, rich and poor are sitting on doorsteps fanning themselves or walking down to the town beach for a cooling swim. Funny how losing power makes us all equal. No air-conditioning turns every neighbourhood into the kind where parents sit on the stoop, fan themselves with a newspaper and yell at the kids playing on the sidewalk.

It's time to go home and put my little sweet to bed. She is tired and bored which of course means cranky. It takes a while and we're all hot again. Sleep was a long time coming. Just as I began to drift away on the heavy cloud that is sleep, things whirred into life again. Clocks blinking, outside lights flick on, fridge begins to hum and water fills the toilet tank again. Thank God!! We jump out of bed turn on the air-conditioners and pick up the blankets we had thrown off earlier. 11:38pm the day is over, but tomorrow is already promising to get better.

Some daisies we picked on a walk down the road. I'm trying to dye them blue. Some of the petals have blue flecks on them. I am holding out hope.

Manise's prize, waiting patiently for her to e-mail with her address.

The knitting. Thank God for a hobby that required no electricity! My first dishcloth from the Dishcloth KAL. Very cool. I get an e-mail every morning for a week with a few lines of the pattern until the cloth is finished. One starts on the 1st of the month and one starts on the 16th of the month. There will be dishcloths in Christmas wrapping this year. Another dishcloth with the pattern from Suzanne's blog go check out the picture she has up today. Hilarious! The baby blanket cast on. Too much yarn to try to carry around in the car, so it didn't get worked on much.

What's all this? Are you taking pictures of weird stuff instead of me?

Look, when I'm back here sleeping, leave me alone, woman!!


  • Ha! Now that is a one-hit-wonder song titles (Yeah, I think I saw the VH1 special on that one)

    Great dishcloth! The fish are fun.

    You'll have greater success with your daisies if you clip the stem end a bit each day - opens the xylem up, making more of the color reach the petals.

    By Anonymous heather, at 9:16 PM, July 07, 2006  

  • Great dishcloth! I joined that KAL, but haven't had time to do more than one or two of their projects :-(

    By Blogger Charity, at 10:29 AM, July 08, 2006  

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