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Saturday, July 01, 2006

The skies and the yarn.

The Saturday skies in our area are alternating between this ...

... and this. Some rain, but mostly just a very busy sky with clouds constantly on the move. Places to go, people to soak I guess.

On another note, I give you "Canadian, A?!" in honour of Canada Day. I just finished dyeing this one and the other is cooling off enough to rinse out. This is skien one of the two you are voting to win. I have done my best to get them as close to the same as I can. Each skein will make one sock. Which is why the prize is two skeins.

Here they are together. Sadly, when I wasn't looking the second skein bled a little so the white on one side isn't as large as on the first skein. The colours are dead on though.

These came from balls of yarn labeled, Pure New Australian Wool. They are 50 grams net at standard conditions. I couldn't find any yardage, however, the guage was 20sts to 10 cm on 3.00mm needles (20sts to 4 inches needle size is between US 2 & 3). When we compared this to other balls of the same weight, we figured that two skeins will be enough to make a pair of socks. This is a really soft, light wool and it smells nice too. If the winner would prefer, I am willing to dye another ball to try to get the spacing more even on the second skein. I will include the original labels in your package.

So, scroll down to the bottom part of the previous post, check out the blanket swatches and cast your vote in the comments!


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