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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sitting, knitting, sewing and studying.

I'd like to say that I'm taking a break from studying, but I'm really just procrastinating. Here are some of the things that seem to have taken precedence over the books. The other one I can't show you just yet.

The finished Tit-Bit is sewn, stuffed and nippled. I used a wooden bead from a craft store for the nipple and inside a bra, it looks pretty natural. Here's the underside. Concave to prevent the bit from aggravating the mastectomy scar.

The top. All nice and perky.

Inside is a little rock I found that is half sparkly black and half sparkly pink. I wrote Hope, Love and Health on the pink side and put it inside to weight the bit down a little so it stays in place better.
I have a problem though, I don't know anyone who has lost a 36B breast. This Bit fills out a 36B cup really nicely, but doesn't give cleavage in the massive bra I tested it in. I think it would if I tried it in a sexier bra though. Anyone who knows someone that needs this can e-mail me. I would prefer to give it to someone who doesn't have a lot of money as I see that the regular falsies are pretty darned expensive and I think women should be able to have two breasts regardless of income. I will draw a name from a hat if I get more that one reply. It's a cotton, acrylic, viscose yarn, stuffed with polyester and is very soft and smooth. Hand wash, shape and air dry.

Edited to add:
I just wanted to clarify something. I haven't had Breast cancer I have been fortunate so far. I tried this on on my stomach so I could see how it would look in a bra. I did have a bit of an Ovarian cancer scare, but it turned out to be a benign cyst. I crawled into a hole like a scared little crybaby while I was waiting for the test results so I also admired Beryl Tsang's courage and felt like I should try to help in some small way. Glad that someone would admire me if I was in any way courageous. I'd like to take credit for some cahonies, but that wouldn't be right since I don't have any.

I learned to strand. I'm very slooow, but I'll get better at it. I was very happy with how it turned out until I measured it and found out it was 3/4" too wide!!! ARRRRGGGGGHHH!!! I was forced to rip. Ah, well. Try again. I need the practice if I want to get faster. Frickin, frackin, froggin!!

The other side of it. It pulls just a bit, but not too bad for a first try.

Well, I suppose if I want to get anything done, I'd better get off the computer.
Oh, anyone else glad to see the snotty Star Jones the heck off The View? I hated her. Her distain for all things blue collar was so palpable, I had to stop watching or risk becoming an angry, creepy stalker! I prayed everyday that everyone who had to do their blue collar jobs so her life could be easier, would walk off the job so she could see just how useless she is in the grand scheme of things. Nothing wrong with being a lawyer. I just think she's a useless twit. All of our lives would get pretty crappy, pretty fast if blue collar workers walked off the job for a week. Just google Toronto Garbage Strike if you want to get a small idea of the impact.
I mean really, who would you miss first, your average joe garbage man or your high power CEO?


  • That is one realistic looking titty bitty! What a great idea to make your own. I read the pattern and the story behind it just now and applaud her and your strength.

    By Blogger Martina, at 5:44 PM, June 29, 2006  

  • That tit bit looks like it would work really well! I hope you find someone who can use it, because I think it would be great. Not a big of fan of the view, but I always thought it was annoying that Star Jones presented herself to be this great attorney, but then I always thought when she talked she sounded kind of dumb. My hubby is actually a dispatcher for a garbage company here, so I'd pick the garbage guy any day!

    By Blogger Jana, at 5:52 AM, June 30, 2006  

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