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Monday, July 03, 2006

Adding to the pot.

I've decide that just getting two skeins of "Canadian A?!" sock yarn wasn't quite enough.
Here is the yarn still in it's dye skeins. The second one looks like it bled more than it did. When I turned it over, the other side wasn't quite as bad. The offer to dye another skein for the winner still stands.

Here they are reskeined with the original labels.

I'm adding some handmade wood sock needles and some cable needles to the mix. These are 6" wood needles and 3" wood cable needles (well they will be once I get them pointy and smooth) The set sticking out of the brass scrubbie are 3.25mm (US 3) and the matching colour cable needles (on the sandpaper) are the same size. The colour of these will stay the same once they are treated (beeswax treatment), but the ones resting on the yarn will darken and be the same colour as the cable needles resting on the table. They are 3.50mm (US 4). They are perfect for the heavier sock yarns. They also force tight knitter's like me to loosen up a little so I like them. I am using a set of the 3.5mm's (mine are 8" because I'm weird) right now to make Jaywalker's by Grumperina. You don't get the ball of yarn and barely started sock.

Here's how you can win all those lovely things. Vote on the swatches below and tell me in the comments which one you like best. The swatch that gets the most votes will become a baby blanket for the friend who gave me the yarn.

Swatch #1 - The garter stitch border will be on all the squares.

Swatch #2 - The little squares would alternate to be a square polka dot style blanket.
Swatch #3 - The brown and blue side by side in the white. The whole thing would be a bit bigger and repeat throughout the blanket.
Swatch #4 - The square within a square within a square. Another repeat pattern until the blanket is big enough.
The stripes don't count. They have gauge issues. One colour is a thinner yarn than the other two.

Previous comments still count so you don't have to vote again.
Lee anne, I have been watching Dragon everytime it comes on (even during naptime and after bed time) with the hope of seeing the episode where he learns to knit and teaches all his friends. My husband is getting really concerned. He was muttering about early-onset dementia the other day. ;-D
Dorothy I think your name is a pretty good one too ;-)
Thanks for all the great comments from everyone! Makes a girl feel like her voice isn't just floating out in dead space.


  • Personally, I like the simple square in a square design. My choice, swatch #2. You could even alternate them with a simple white box between them... checkerboard motif. I love the colours, too. Very soothing.

    By Blogger Michele [iSmile ;D], at 5:43 PM, July 04, 2006  

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