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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Courage to Care.

I wasn't going to post today, I was just going read a few blogs and get some school work done, then go outside and enjoy the beautiful day. Then I read this and it reminded me of this poem I am going to share with all of you.

--Author Unknown--

I Chose to Look the Other Way

I could have saved a life that day,
But I chose to look the other way.
It wasn't that I didn't care,
I had the time, I was there.

But I didn't want to seem the fool,
or argue over a safety rule.
I knew he had done the job before,
If I called it wrong, he might get sore.

The chances didn't seem that bad,
I've done the same, he knew I had.
So I shook my head and walked on by,
He knew the risks as well as I.

He took that chance, I closed an eye,
and with that act I let him die.
I could have saved a life that day,
But I chose to look the other way.

Now every time I see his wife,
I'll know I could have saved his life.
That guilt is something I must bear,
But it isn't something you need to share.

If you see a risk, that others take,
That puts their health or life at stake.
The question asked, or things you say,
Could help them live another day.

If you see a risk and walk away,
Then hope you never have to say,
I could have saved a life that day,
But I chose to look the other way.


If you see or hear about someone doing something stupid, even if they are unaware that they are doing it, or even that it's stupid, Say something! Better to be cursed out by a live person than silent at a funeral.

I've said my piece. Feel free to copy and paste the poem onto your blog.

Now scroll down and get in on all the action. You have until Tuesday night to vote. Winner will be announced by Wednesday midnight. Yarn will be shipped Saturday (I have kids all week and no way to get to the post before Saturday morning) by regular post. I am on a limited spending money budget so I can't send it any faster.


  • What a powerful poem. It's very sad to look back at the "if only" parts of our lives, when we were too busy, or self-involved, or afraid to do something we knew needed to be done.

    By Blogger Charity, at 9:31 AM, July 03, 2006  

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