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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Prize Patrol!

I just realized that today is Wednesday. Apparently, when I fell off my rocker, I hit my head. I apologize for posting this a day late.

The winning swatch is ... #4! The square within a square within a square! Here's how it broke down,
Swatch #
1 - III
2 - II
3 - I
4 - IIII

There weren't a crazy lot of voters, so everyone got thrown into the hat. It's my favourite bad-hair-day-have-to-run-errands anyway/gardening hat.

and the winner is ... MANISE!!! Contact me with your specs and I'll ship your loot out on Saturday or redye Saturday and ship Monday. Congratulations and thanks to everyone for voting and helping make up my mind. I'll be casting on the blanket this afternoon and will blog progress as I go.

In other news, this is today's knitting. Notice how neatly I managed my tension and how nice my YO's are now that I corrected the way I was doing them.


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