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Friday, August 25, 2006

A new thing for both of us.

My new thing. I made these last night. They aren't as hard as I thought they would be. I made them with an opening clasp so they can be moved for lace or colour work that changes starting points. They fit up to 7mm needles (no US equivalent) so they should work for most things. I'm keeping three, giving two (with a different clasp, not pictured here) to my Great Aunt and sending the rest to Pals.

Some for my Secret Pal in her reveal package and some for my Lace Swap Pal since I sent out her parcel, and was told by the Post Office that it would take 12 weeks to get there. God love Canada Post. They must only work when there is no sleet, snow, hail or rain. Apparently, if I had sent it with a more experienced person, it would have gotten there faster. I guess the guy behind the counter is pretty new and didn't check all methods of travel. He gave me four prices and times, $11.50 -ground - 12 weeks, $22.45 - air - 12 weeks, $81.25 - express ground - 3-4 weeks and $133.79 - express air - 3 weeks. Apparently, there is a middle ground. I should have checked their website before I went, I could have sent it other ways for a middle of the road price and gotten it there much faster than the one I chose. I just hope that the employee grossly overestimated the amount of time it take to get there. In the meantime, four of these are getting stuffed into an envelope and sent off hopefully faster, so she'll at least get something by the time the swap finishes.

The Girly's new thing. "Look Mom, I'm balancing!" She did too.

That is yellow. Those. Are. Yellow. Leaves. I'm not ready!!


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