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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Q and A time.

Jen said...
So glad the dishclothes arrived safely :) They really were fun to make - and I've decided to use the dragonfly pattern to make up a baby afghan. I'm madly in love with those dragonflies. How are your friends doing after all of their moving troubles?

They are doing alright. They have a place and have some furniture now. They were fortunate in that they are both excellent at saving money. However, now their savings are pretty much depleted until insurance comes through with a cheque. Of course they are making my friends jump through hoops to try and collect. It's a classic insurance trick. Make collecting as big of a pain in the hinney as possible with the hope that people will give up and they won't have to pay out the full amount. Amazing how many people quit early on in the game and save the insurance company tons of money. Now that you would know that since they jack up your premiums up the second you make a claim. Legal scams, how fun.

Kristy said...
Did Jen tell you were she found the pattern for the dragonfly relief on those beautiful dishclothes? Maybe she would share it with the rest of us....
... and ...
I am coveting the Cotton Top. Do you know of anyplace that sells any of this discontinued yarn?
... and ...
Forgive my ignorance of Canadian geography, but how far is it from Ontario to Toronto?

How about it Jen? Post it in the comments and I'll put the link up.

I don't know of anyone who is selling the Paton's Cotton Top other than the few balls at my yarn store or maybe e-bay.

Darling, please know that although we laughed. A lot. We weren't trying to be mean.
Toronto is in Ontario. Here is a map of Ontario with the political basics. I am located near the Manitoba/Ontario boundary in the town that is labelled Siouw Lookout. It is supposed to be spelled SiouX Lookout, apparently the person who did this map up only did most of the research and not all of it.

Sandra said...
Do me a favour, and ask Hope, Joy, Chary and Bustle why on earth my sunflowers didn't grow this summer (and I seeded a lot of them). Where did I go wrong? Should I sing while seeding? Why oh why I am sunflowerless???????
... and ...
Am I in parallel universe or you have two blogs?????

I don't know. I'm a very crappy, lazy gardener so I think they are growing by sheer will and a bit of luck with a sunny summer and not too much rain.

I do have two blogs. Blogger often gets cranky and won't let people upload pictures so I started a Wordpress blog. I'm not really liking the Wordpress though. I'm crazy on the picture stuff and they make you upload one picture at a time. They do it faster, but it's a bit more work and I'm rather lazy.

IHateToast said...
i heart hope! is she blushing?

She was, she's a bit of a shy gal.

Charity said...
Hope is so lovely, I can see her glowing! I'm so glad you received the package - I wasn't sure how long it would take from here to there. Doesn't it drive you mad that I receive a package sooner sent from England than from Ontario?

It's crazy that's what it is. You would think that Canada is a nation of backwoods hicks with no concept of new-fangled things like airplanes or semis that can travel a minumum of 20kms over the speed limit on a regular basis regardless of who is in front of them or the weather conditions. No bitterness there.


  • See? I told you I was ignorant. Thanks for the map. Now I'll know. ;)

    By Blogger Kristy, at 1:30 PM, August 27, 2006  

  • I am lazy gardener also!

    By Anonymous sandra, at 12:42 AM, August 28, 2006  

  • Love the question/answer period! I'm happy to see you're not bitter :0)

    By Blogger Charity, at 10:28 AM, August 28, 2006  

  • Hi Dorothy. Happy Monday:) I did take a break from my marathon of tv watching (yes mum, that IS a lot of TV)to email Kristy the drgaonfly pattern directly ( everyone should go over to her blog btw and wish her well on her ankle-surgery-recovery!) Anyway, I will be helpful and list it here for anyone else who is interested. You can find it at Have fun - she's got LOTS of cute ideas.

    By Blogger jen, at 12:59 PM, August 28, 2006  

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