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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Some previous questions answered and a jackpot flash.

Kristy asks:
"Pardon my ignorance: What is turkish stitch? I haven't heard this term before. (Maybe I am just out of the loop...) That new dishcloth is beautiful. I'd love to learn that stitch."

Turkish Stitch scroll down a bit. You can use this over any even number of stitches. If you weren't doing a border on the top, I would finish it off with a knit to last stitch P1 row just to mimic the first row. That may just be my anal tendencies talking though.

Katy asks:
"what yarn do you prefer for dishcloths? have you experimented? do you have a favorite?"

I mostly use Sugar 'n Cream and Bernat Handicrafter since that's what available. The Paton's Cotton Top I used for a facecloth and a hand towel could be used for baby face cloths or soft spa cloths, but I wouldn't use it on dishes.

Katy asks:
"does the Eastern Uncrossed look any different as a finished product?"

For most patterns, not since I changed how I was doing my yarn overs. The biggest difference in the actual stitches, is that the Western Uncrossed Knitter is twisting the knit stitch and the Eastern Uncrossed Knitter is twisting the purl stitch. The resulting fabrics look identical it's just the method of getting there is a bit different. If I was doing an intricate lace pattern that only used knit stitches, I would probably get closer to the pattern if I changed the knits to purls. Otherwise, my stitches wouldn't have a twist and they would be flatter.

Tomorrow I will tell you a bit more about my weekend and how I hit my kind of jackpot.


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