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Sunday, September 03, 2006

A bit of this and a bit of that.

Hello Great-Aunt!

My Mom's pumpkin patch. I'm eyeballing the half hidden one for a jack-o-lantern for our house.

Meet Nexus she has decided to come out and play just as autumn is creeping around the corner and heading for the straight stretch into winter. At least I get another bright sunny spot just as the rest of the girls are losing their bright petals and growing seeds. There are another two looking as though they may try and open before the frosts hit too.

Another Q and A

The Hoban Family asks:
Yum!! Speaking of Halloween have you figured out what Girly is going to be?? Are you going to make the costume yourself?

I'm thinking either Dora, Cinderella or Snow White since they are her favourite DVD's. I won't be making those myself, but I am thinking about making her a treat bag to carry this year.

Jen asks:
Hmmmm... my mum grows Collie puppies and kittens in her garden. I'll trade ya??

Either your Mother has strange nicknames for her plants, or she's a breeder? Collie's are beautiful dogs. What kind of cats does your mother breed? I'd consider trading for one of them if I didn't have two cats already.

We think Apollo has a little Border Collie in him. This is what he looks like when he knows I have an apple.

I'm hoping that someday I'll be able to have a Havanese although mine would be kept in a puppy cut for easier grooming. They are supposed to be great with kids, cats, other dogs and reasonably easy to train. The ideal dog for us.


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