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Monday, September 04, 2006

A very nice weekend.

Today is Labour Day. One of the more important holidays we have. Without workers, there would be no products. No products = no houses, buildings, stores or stuff to sell in the stores. All the basic things we take for granted would not exist unless we made/grew them ourselves. Every service and product requires human beings to provide/make them and sometimes we get so caught up in our holiday plans and our lives, we forget that this day honours all those who died on the job, all the workers who fought so hard for fair wages, safe working conditions and the ability to have lives outside of work as well as all those workers who are living and working today.

Sometimes I feel so sad that we are doing our best to throw all that hard work and those lives lost out the window. People's bosses are calling them on their cell phones at all hours of the day, they have to put in extra hours at the office or they have to take work home to do on their home PC's and work on their holidays over the Internet. All of that extra stuff is unpaid overtime for the salary workers.

The 8 hour work day is almost non-existant and we are sympathizing with companies when we see hard working people out on the picket lines trying to get better benefits, cleaner/safer workplaces and maybe even a raise. Progress, hah. We are racing toward the past as fast as we can go and I pray that people don't have to die before the rest of us wake up and realize what is happening.

Rant completed.

On a happier note, my shopping bag is ready for felting. Although, I am wondering if I shouldn't just line it and leave it the way it is.
It's stuffed with about 16 skeins of yarn, six big and ten small. I'd get a smaller tougher bag if I felted though.

The bottom.

What do you think? Felt and line or just line?


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