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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'll larn ya!

Well, I was going to, but Blogger is not letting me upload pictures. I'll try again tomorrow. I have my exam to write tonight so I can't spend too much time in Blogland.

For those who have asked, I'll be accepting dishcloths, dishtowels, face cloths and hand towels for my friends up to August 31st. I plan on packing them up and sending them off September 15th. That will give packages from the US and Overseas time to get here and be included I hope. September 16th will be the day I draw names for prizes.

I'll be making care packages for women at the local Women's Shelter for Christmas with any extras I get so if you wish to send some, but don't think you'll have time to get them here before the deadline, I'll still be happy to get them and they'll go to good use.

Thanks all. I appreciate how many of you are willing to help make the day of people you have never met. You are all so awesome!


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