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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another charity thing. I don't ask much do I?

I first saw this Red Scarf Project over at Norma's. It sounds like a great way to encourage kids to continue to try to make a better life for themselves through education. I've been thinking about doing this for a while now and I've decided to give it a go. The best thing is that it doesn't need to be mailed out until after January so I have lots of time to find some money, order some good quality yarn in red and knit it up.

Q's and A's

Kristy asks:

Not to sound insensitive or anything but have you considered eating any of Hope's babies? We are talking about sunflowers and their seeds here for any new reader's out there. We aren't disgusting psychos, honest! Thanks for pointing that out Jen!

I did, but I decided against it I just can't see myself cooking Hope's babies. I want to plant some of them next year and I'm thinking of doing up little packets of the rest. More on that later. I'll give Joy to my parents and roast Chary's and Nexus' if she gets that far. The grass looked silvery this morning so that's pretty iffy. I think I'm going to plant a few of Bustle's too. She is so eager to be a Momma, it's sweet and I can't see eating her babies either. Now, I am getting really strange. I've made sentimental "pets" of sunflowers, yeesh I need to get out more.

The Hoban Family asks:

That's really cool, are you going to do the same color? (About the dragon shawl link I posted)

I do want to make that shawl, but I hear that it can be a bit complicated so it's going to have wait until I manage to get the hang of lace knitting with lace weight yarns. I was thinking that it would look really good in a deep shimmery green, purple and blue colourway or in deep shimmery burgundy. Maybe a silk of some sort to get the shimmer effect.

Charity asks:

Dorothy, I sat and watched Calendar Girls, too! I wonder if we could do our own fund-raiser....

They'd have to use bananas for me! Nursing, I tell ya. I don't think I have the cahonies for that, although I did get a few ideas for a not naked charity calendar. I just need to get on the knitting and get a better camera. More on that in the distant future.

Edited to Add:
I was watching Trading Spaces at 12:00pm and it was the Philadelphia episode where one of the women teaches Laurie how to knit! Knitting on Trading Spaces, love it! They made a cute little cushion to put on the office chair. I also saw the Dragon episode where Dragon learns how to knit and teaches all his friends. It ends with Dragon and all of his friends knitting in the living room while Cat plays with the yarn and Ostrich gets yarn from a ball for Mail Mouse as they all chant "Knit 1, Purl 2" Sounds like an interesting scarf. I wonder if I'll knit that for my ISE 3 pal or if I'll knit something else. She's already found me out so I'm keeping the scarf a secret instead.

Jen, read this.


  • Happy Sunday Dorothy. I will be thinking of you this afternoon. I'm off to my friend M's wedding and it is SUNFLOWER themed! I will take lots of pics and send along for you (she's the one who got the free dress after losing 60+ lbs).
    I WOULD post on my blog for everyone to see but it was somehow deleted. ALL gone :( I"m not sure I have the strength to re-do another right away. Maybe soon. But I'll still be checking in and leaving comments. I love Kristy's question "not to be insensitive or anything" I hope new readers checked what on EARTH you were both talking about.
    Happy Weekend :)

    By Anonymous Jen, at 12:51 PM, September 10, 2006  

  • Hey! Thanks for your contest idea! After it seems as though I've gotten all the ideas I'm going to put them in a hat and pick one. Thanks for posting about the Red Scarf Project! That is certainly worthwhile and we have plenty of time, as you pointed out!

    By Blogger Whimsical Knitting, at 5:24 PM, September 10, 2006  

  • Thanks for answering my question. My name is Anna, by the way! :)

    By Blogger Hoban Family, at 2:04 AM, September 11, 2006  

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