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Monday, September 11, 2006

The Lights that Won

On this fall day five years past,
Heros rose from ordinary grew,
Families mourned a loved one lost,

Horror rose and met it's match,
For greatness shone out bright,
Futures changed by evil wretch,

Mothers lost and Fathers gone,
Nations are innocent no more,
Mournful cries rose loud and long,

Now summer gone fall comes again,
To mind they are recalled,
Those brave memories do reign,

Evil came but lost that day,
Though many died in the fight,
For courage rose from the grey,

Their lights did part the dust,
They turned one plane around,
It went down they knew it must,

Lives saved by that event,
We mourn those lives we lost,
Though they were not misspent,

The strong the brave the true,
They walked among us tall and bright,
Their hearts did shine through,

A dragon's fire on silver armour,
Could not have burnt so fierce,
As ordinary showed their valour.

---Dorothy Broderick---


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