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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Now, I'll larn ya.

The exam fried my brain. Not that it was overly hard, but my it-has-to-be-right-or-I-just can't-do-it-at-all, tendencies were out in full force. I'm going to show my age and stupidity here by saying that it has been 15 years since I last wrote an exam. I'm 32. This means that I did not go to college or university. I was very stupid.

At the time I had reasons. You see in school, I was the loser. Things were not all that fun for me and I didn't see that college and high school were two different things. I chose not to go, because I couldn't stand the thought of another four years of misery at the hands of other people. A lifetime of student loan debt was not very appealing either.

Now, I see that I can change people's opinion of me, not by getting them to like me, but by getting me to like me. Confidence is all a state of mind and it starts inside you.

I am getting an education, because I do not want to have to sweat/freeze all day long in order to make a good dollar. I want to have a nice job where I don't have to jump in the shower right after work just to be presentable, or at least so I don't leave a trail of kiln dust behind me as I walk. Not having to wear steel-toe boots would be a definite bonus.
Nothing wrong with working in a sawmill making a good wage. It's just not what I want anymore.

Now, on to the stuff you came to see.

Here's the larnin' I was trying to upload yesterday. Katy asked Dipsy how she achieved tension while holding the yarn in her left hand and how she actually held the yarn. I thought pretty good question. I don't know how Dipsy holds her yarn, I would be interesting in seeing though. In the meantime, I can tell you how I hold mine. I've been told it's a bit different. Works for me though.

Here's how I wrap the yarn around my fingers.

Here's how I hold the needles. In my fists sort of like oars. I tried being all feminine-like, but I never really got the hang of it so, back to the way I felt most comfortable.

Here's with the other needle inserted. Not a good shot, but I still can't figure out the timer thing on the camera. We've only had it for four years. That's not enough time to learn anything, is it? Yeesh, my hands look old.

I just sort of scoop the yarn and pull through.

Don't forget, I knit Eastern Uncrossed style so my knit stitch starts in the back of the stitch not the front. Yours will probably look a bit different.


  • I absolutely agree with your views on education - I had basically the same reasons for not going to college and/or university as you had, and well, I changed my stance towards that considerably and did get an education afterwards - like you. What you wrote about confidence is so, so true!
    It was very interesting to see how you're holding your yarn and your knitting - it's definitely a tad different than I do it. I'll show my version as soon as I get those damn band aids off my fingers and as soon as I have new fingers to show off ;)

    By Anonymous Dipsy, at 10:07 AM, July 26, 2006  

  • Glad the exam is over. Do you get to relax for a bit now?

    That's interesting how you hold your yarn and needles. I think it's cool that there are so many different "styles" of knitting.

    By Anonymous Amber, at 9:44 PM, July 26, 2006  

  • aw man... i was totally ready to blow off an evening alone and stare at the ceiling (hubby gone and today i ran 1:35 hours, so i'm too tired to do stuff but not ready for bet at 6:45 pm). but now i'm going to have to try that yarn hold. i know mine is just too loose.

    i'll let you know how that goes.
    does the Eastern Uncrossed look any different as a finished product?

    By Blogger IHateToast, at 3:53 AM, July 29, 2006  

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