Knitting stuff and going on and on.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Goings on in these parts.

Thank you to all who left congratulations! We are pretty excited and a little nervous. Although I feel fine for the most part, I am tired often and sore. Apparently I got so big with Girly (from a size 2 to too big for a womens extra large overall even with the side buttons undone) that there is a good bit of internal scar tissue that has to move and stretch too. It's all good though and in the end will be well worth the fuss. Girly has put in an order for a sister. At first she wanted a sister and a brother, but we told her one at a time, please!

She has other things on her mind though. A new daycare and JK. My little girl is growing up. She loves school and her teachers. One of the Teachers Assistants is a friend of ours too so I get all the inside information. It helps.

She's still young enough to love helping Momma though. She used a little ratchet with a screwdriver bit to help tighten all the screws on this little shelf. She did a really good job. Momma got them started and she got them flat enough I only had to give them a twist or two to finish them off.

Gymnastics has started up again and I am noticing quite a difference in her this year. Last year I often had to remind her to listen to her coaches and encourage her to try some of the things. This year she is doing really well at paying attention and even trying some of the lower high things without having to be asked. Still not keen on the uneven bars, but who knows by the end of the year even that could change.

Someone else is settling in pretty well. He was tired after a long walk and a little warm. Apparently the floor was nice and cool. It's been interesting trying to teach him the basics. At six years old he has a solidly built stubborn streak. He's my shadow though and cuddles a good bit every chance he gets. He's coming along nicely and will be as good a boy as Apollo before we know it.

One thing hasn't changed though. I'm still knitting. This is the hat that was on the Knit Simple Fall 2007 cover. I needed something fast and easy to remind me that I can finish something. I can! It's cute and it fits her well. I used Nashua Equinox Stripes for this. Although it does have some ackrylic, it still has a nice stretch and feel.

I changed a few things about the pattern. I wasn't big on the cast on parts for the stitches between the earpieces along the back. They had you cast on four then knit them and the earpiece cast on for the front, knit the other earpiece then cast on the last four for the back and join then. I could get it to look nice it always had a bit of a jog there. I know I could have fixed that with the crochet edge, but I didn't want to have to because I didn't want to start my crochet at the back of the hat. Instead I cast on all eight then knit around. For the crochet edge I did a chain, attached it to one earpiece then continued around the hat. The second tie had to be done separately. I also change the decreases at the top. I did a basic spiral crown so I wouldn't get that peak. Girly doesn't like them and truth be told, neither do I. I prefer a nice head shaped crown on a touque.

It's fall here and hopefully I'll have time for some colour changing photos. My MIL is here though and with everything else that is going on, it may take me a bit.