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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Whew, was that Summer?

Time flies when you're standing there checking out the scenery. - The highway not far from home.
Children grow and change so fast it's hard to believe they were so small and helpless when you first met them face to face. - Our new toy.

Before you know it they are running off to climb to heights you weren't sure they had the courage to try. - Family Safety Night

Just when you think you just might have to carry them around forever, they try out their legs and run. - Staff Association trip to Osprey (Riss) Island.

They see things with new eyes and their imagination takes flights of fancy. - Salmon Cove Sands in Newfoundland as seen from Flat Rock.

Newfoundland scenery

They get into something new and there's just no getting them out without a fuss. - The Atlantic Ocean at Salmon Cove Sands

The Atlantic

Even the most laid back of days out are more fun with them to keep you on your toes.

Boyo chowing down.

Soon it's school time and life is off and running again. We can only hope to keep up long enough to remember the good times and enjoy the calm times.