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Friday, September 18, 2009

New and Improved!

Okay, not really, it sounds better than older and still cranky though.

Life has been good here. Girly started school and so far, so good. She has already been told that one of her classmates is going to marry her, but it's okay because he'll still be her friend.

She likes her new teacher and being in SK, but the best part of school is getting to ride the bus.

Boyo is growing fast and changing every day. He loves his sister and if she is talking to him and playing with him, he's in his glory.

Saturday one of the women in the knitting group gave this beautiful sweater to Boyo. It's soft and amazing also, fortunately just a touch big on him so he should be able to wear it for most of the winter. She is Boyo's favourite person to look at on Saturdays too. He just barely takes his eyes off of her. It's hilarious!

I actually have some knitting stuff of my own to show too. This is going to be a sock for the Mr.'s stocking this Christmas. Just one. I'm determined that will be an every year thing. One sock in the stocking and the other done sometime around New Year's.

A stealth project. This is going to be his surprise gift. Since I finally managed to get into my head EZ's way of making sweaters and adapting patterns to fit, I hope to have it finished before hunting season is over or Christmas.

Finally I even managed to finish these. Socks for Girly. Unfortunately they are a touch too small for her.

She loves them and wore them all day and night. I've started another pair for her that should fit her properly.

Pattern and some cool stuff next time.