Knitting stuff and going on and on.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A week in a few words.

Because I have many things to say and no time to say them, a quick update on my life this past week.
Storms, rain, and just plain out grey and cloudy days. They finally began to clear.

Not before they laid a little snow on us though. Thick and heavy too. It came down most of the day, but was gone by nightfall.

There was a bit of knitting on some stuff. This is the edging on one of them. I really like how this stitch pattern came out. This is the back.

I also really like how the mohair/silk blend Ovation glints in the sun.

What's next? Why the Relay for Life! I will be registering on the Relay website only this year. As much as I would love to go hard on the fundraising like I did last year, I really can't afford the Paypal fees or the prize mailing this year. So if you would like to pledge me, stay tuned and I will be posting the link to my pledge page as soon as I get it done. Also, please tell friends!

Now supper is ready and I have to go finish grating the cheese. More on why I'm a little burnt out next time too.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Ah... Monday, lazy Monday.

Thank God for long weekends and funny kids. It's Victoria Day weekend here and we are hanging out and relaxing today. It's been just what I needed. I've been feeling pretty burnt out lately. I'll tell you why another time. I'm not ready to put it in writing as yet. It isn't a completely bad thing, just not what I was expecting to happen this soon.

I don't have much I can show you right now since nearly everything I am working on is a secret. But there is a knit thing in here, even if it was done a while ago and I still can't remember what I did other than cast on a bunch of stitches (smallest needle size), seed stitch for a few rows (change to biggest needles) then YO, K2tog around. I think the second row was K2tog, YO and I think I did those two rounds changing needle sizes willy-nilly (biggest at the top, smallest at the bottom) until I nearly ran out of yarn then decreased at the bottom. It looks like a round of k2tog then a plain round another k2tog and another plain round then break yarn (leave a long tail of course) and run the tail through the live stitches. Draw into a circle and weave the end in so that it makes a star shape across the circle, or just do another round of k2tog and draw the end up tighter. Make a couple of I-cord handles and sew them on. Voila. A beach type bag A hat.

It takes one ball of Lily Sugar n' Cream and a bunch of DPN's/Circs in different sizes. Easy-Peasy as the child has taken to saying. I think she may have a bit of a crush on Jamie Oliver. Smart kid, who wouldn't love a man that can cook like that!

Not a bad beret, no? It helps to have a cute model who loves to pose for the camera too. ;)

Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm a Soccer Mom?!

It seems so. We signed Girly up for soccer this year since she was finally old enough to play. Tonight was her first game and it seems the Butterfly Train didn't fall far from the tree.

She did calisthenics and nearly forgot why she was in line. At least until she noticed that the other kids were holding a ball to kick.
She jumped while in line and nearly forgot why she was there until she remembered that the other kids were kicking a ball and she would get to eventually.

She jumped some more during the game. She had no idea where the ball was most of the time.

Oh right, soccer! Note that all the kids in the picture are wearing the same colour. That's because they are all on the same team. The other team's players are just out sight. It was every kid for the ball the whole game.

My Girly is awesome and so fun. She even kicked the ball a time or two.

Knitting will eventually show up on this blog. Not sure when. Someday. I may get a bit of time when I am not tired or spaced out to actually work on something I can show you.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope it was a good one. Mine was. I got some flowers at work on Thursday to start things off right, I remembered far enough in advance to order flowers for my mother and MIL without getting an annoyed overworked look from the florist.

My whole weekend was a good one. We had some friends over for a BBQ on Saturday and it was a blast.
The children stuffed their little faces (I made way too much food!) and ran amok to their heart's content. The neighbour's dog even got in on the fun.

Today, we roasted a few marshmallows after a BBQ at my parent's house. Someone really loves them.

It was cold to cool, but fun and now we are ready for an early night. I can't wait to do this all over again.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Gone again.

So the snow is gone again. Hopefully for the season this time. The trees are beginning to bud. My lilac a little more slowly than others, but it's coming along.

The water is mostly gone too. There was enough there the other day for the ducks to have a swim now it's not even an inch deep. I'm glad things are drying up though. It may make it easier for my crocus bulbs to survive. The stalks are green and so far, healthy.

The flowers didn't fare well once that snow hit. Poor things.

The daffodils seem to be just fine. They were slower to come up and it may be they knew it wasn't time to flower yet.

The ants came through all right too. I think the hill grew at least two inches since last year. I hope we don't have to get rid of them. The Mr. says if he doesn't see any ants in the house, they can stay. If he does, bye-bye ants. Me, I think they are just fine where they are and they aren't hurting anything as far as I can tell.

We even have a little bit of green grass here and there.

The best green plants though are these little babies. Hope's grandbabies to be exact. I had sent some of Hope's babies to Kathleen during my fundraising campaign for the Relay for Life and it turns out they did well in her yard. So she sent some of her seeds back to me. Thanks Kathleen! I gave some to a friend and these are the ones I kept. All but three have sprouted. I can't wait to see them grow and turn into big beautiful sunflowers.