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Friday, October 31, 2008

A Happy Halloween

Someone got to be Daphne Blake from Scooby Doo. This is a version of her dress in some of the cartoon episodes. I figured it would be the easiest. Not sure why now, All that trim was a heck of a lot of sewing! Yep, I made this and I am very pleased with how well I did considering I haven't sewn anything since I decided that Home Economics was not the class for me. Of course, I got partway through and figured what the heck, why not buy a sewing machine!

My stab at Martha Stewart type decorating. I printed a few pictures of bats and ghost drawings off the internet, cut them out and taped them to a tree. No worries, this is one of the trees that are growing along the back of the trailer and have to come out when we redo the siding and skirting to prevent them from ruining the new siding.

The Mr. carved his very first pumpkin. This is the first Halloween since we've been together that he has been off work and able to do it. Before that, he just never had one. A house full of single guys don't usually bother with decorating and handing out candy.

We used Girly's school projects to decorate our windows. She liked that idea and so did we.

Sadly, no kids came around (not a popular area for trick or treating) and I have a few left overs to eat get rid of before Christmas comes.

Hope all of you had a fun Halloween!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm stuffed. Also feeling well, just tired and little to no concentration. Pregnancy brain.

Now, a little Thanksgiving trivia for you.

In 1578 Martin Frobisher held the first North American feast of Thanksgiving for surviving the long voyage from England to Newfoundland. Forty-three years before the Pilgrims celebrated their first harvest in 1621. However, Newfoundland didn't join Canada until March 31, 1949 so we can't really claim it as a Canadian event.

Thanksgiving didn't become an official holiday in Canada until 1879 though.

We don't dress up like pilgrims for Thanksgiving. That's a US thing. Canada doesn't have pilgrims. We were settled by fishermen, furriers, loggers and farmers. Also by slaves escaping the harshness of their "owners" and draft dodgers who wanted out of the US civil war.

Happy Columbus Day to those south of the border!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


So this month, we've had Nanny come to stay and taken a road trip to Winnipeg to spend a weekend with some friends as well as get me some maternity type work clothes.

It was a blast and Girly took quite a shine to the friends. She insisted on snuggling to watch tv and of course their giant chocolate lab thought that it was great fun to have a small fry around to sniff. Girly loved him to bits too. There's just something about kids and labs, I tell you. Troy on the other hand, was a little weirded out by this huge dog who wasn't scared of him at all. It all worked out though and they got on alright.

We came home to find fall had arrived.

There are colours everywhere sometimes all on the same plant.

Oddly though, the days have been quite warm for this time of year and my Easter Lily has decided to give it another go before the year is done. Hopefully the 0*C predicted for tonight doesn't hurt it though.

Along with fall comes the cold and flu season. We got hit pretty hard this year. Nanny was really sick for a day or two and although she is on the mend, she is still pretty wiped out. Girly got a bit of it last night and the washing machine was going steady until about 2:00am this morning. She is on the mend already, this little nap is just to make up for all the sleep lost last night.

Needless to say we are all hoping the Kidlet and I don't get hit. That could get pretty rough.

There has been very little knitting. I've been learning a new position at work (Payroll Clerk) and it's been taking every bit of concentration I have, not that I have much lately. Maybe next time. I hope. My attention span can't stay this short forever right? Right?!