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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hi! Hello.

It's been a while! Things here are good and finally slowing down enough for me to blog before my mind turns into a dull fog of tiredness. By the time dinner is over and the rest of the stuff is done, about the only thing I can manage is to sit on the sofa and stare off into space. The pregnancy is going very well so far. This little one is quite a mover. I sit and my waistband gets beaten to bits until I get up. My due date has been updated to April 10th (three days before Daddy's). We are starting to get excited and I am starting to get big. So fun!

Here's a quick update on the busy-ness that has been us for the past month. We went to Thunder Bay for my ultrasound (it was great and yes, we know but we aren't telling) and took my sister, her daughter and my Mother out to dinner. The kids enjoyed themselves.

Someone came with us, but did not like having to stay in the room while we hit the pool. Poor thing.

The snow came and outside got cold. Really cold. How cold? So cold the Catholic school cancelled the last school Mass of the year since the kids couldn't walk the four blocks at that temperature. Fortunately it warmed up yesterday and is still halfway decent today.

We got a real tree this year and as soon as the tree skirt went down, someone decided that we had bought it just for him. He slept there, played there and even marked there. Ah, the joy of pets. Note, washing a live tree trunk and branch is not an easy or tidy undertaking.

Girly had her very first Christmas concert. It was fantastic and to the surprise of all the other kids, she took her bows at the end of every song. It was perfect. My little diva. :)

Our office gift exchange happened and this is the scarf I made for the person I got in the name draw. A super bulky white with two strands of purple Durasport (Briggs & Little) held together knit on 12mms (US 17).

It's my Under Water pattern and does it ever look different knit up at this gauge. It turned out well and the recipient loved it.

Our staff Christmas party happened. I will not speak of it. Although fun, apparently you can't tell people how much fun a Christmas party was due to negative assumptions and people jumping to conclusions then vilifying you. I will not attend another staff function. I do not do the kind of events that must be treated as clandestine affairs.

Anyway, back to the positive and fun stuff.

We declared that we would not go nuts this Christmas. That we didn't need all that much and there wasn't that much room in this house for loads more stuff. So we went nuts and are now trying to weasel room here and there for loads more stuff. It was a great Christmas. I'll show you my absolutely favourite gift next time.

Girly has decided that this has been the best Christmas ever and is now looking forward to her Birthday.

We're going to have a skating party again this year and she has attempted to invited everyone she has ever laid eyes on. Is it weird that I had to put Parental Supervision Required on all the invitations? Is five the age that kids get dropped off at a classmate's house and the parents take off? Am I odd in thinking that is way too young and a bit of an imposition on the parent throwing the party? Girly was invited to three parties and two of them were at someone's home. The majority of the kid's parents left their kids there and took off. I was a little weirded out and started wondering if I was just a crazy over-protective mother.

I also got two surprise gifts that I loved. I bought a bulb set a while back hoping for pretty flowers by March when the grey is beginning to wear heavily and I won't be able to travel. This narcissus opened much earlier that I had anticipated. The smell is wonderful and yes, those are pumpkin vines behind it. They were a class project. I am planning on repotting them and seeing if it is possible to grow a pumpkin indoors. Who knows, it could happen.

The other was this Easter Cactus. It hasn't bloomed in three years. The Mr. bought it for me for Mother's Day one year and although covered in buds, it never bloomed. Instead the buds dropped off and it languished in it's pot in the corner until the MIL and the Mr. took down my hanging ivy to dust. They discovered that the entire interior was dead and the only living parts were the ends. So they cut and rooted a few of the ends. Since the hook in the ceiling was now empty, I moved the Easter Cactus there and was almost immediately rewarded with a bud. A few days before Christmas it opened. A very pretty gift indeed!

I hope all of you had a great Christmas (or whatever you celebrate)!