Knitting stuff and going on and on.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Still not much in the noggin.

I am tired most of the time now and often just barely coherent. Apparently tired, nursing brain is worse than placenta brain. Absentminded doesn't quite do justice to my state of being right now. Thankfully this too shall pass. In a blur of barely remembered snippets of consciousness. Thank God for cameras.

Boyo is growing like crazy. He will be two months old next Wednesday and has already added two and a quarter inches to his length. He isn't a huge lot heavier than at birth due to some difficulty with breast feeding. We managed to get through it though and he has come around beautifully. I cannot stress enough that women should have someone check their baby's latch both at the start of breast feeding and if the initial pain isn't starting to ease by the end of the first week.

He loves just hanging around in the crook of Momma's arm while I do stuff.

Girly is still doing pretty well with him and he adores her. He watches her as soon as he can see her until she moves away from his view. He gives her his best smiles and yammerings.

Girly has a new pet. Her name is Grass and Girly loves her. She is a Virginia Ctenucha and she now lives at the school with some butterflies that the teacher ordered in and is trying to get to their adult stage. Hopefully they all live well together. Girly wanted to share her with her school friends as soon as we saw that Grass had made a furry cocoon.

I have managed a bit of knitting here and there. This is a Garter Stitch Baby Cardigan (Ravelry link). Simple yet interesting and in these colours (Black tweed is Paton's Classic Merino and I've forgotten what the red tweed is but it's in the box by the counter in the yarn store. The lovely nurse who caught Boyo's head was commenting on it recently if someone remembers what it was called.). I decided to use Stockinette Stitch instead of Garter to better show off the tweedy-ness of the yarn. I'm thinking once I've done this one, I'll upsize it and make one in the same colours for Girly too. Although I may change the contrast colour stitch pattern just a bit.

I also managed to finish this scarf. I've only had it on the needles for months. It was a bit embarrassing since I was nearly done with the Nashua and that was the yarn that determined the length. I used one ball of Nashua Creative Focus Worsted and most of two balls of Wisdom Yarns Poems. A very simple 1x1 rib with the colour changes every fourth row. It ended up being about 81" long. Just shy of 7'. Not bad at all and it feels quite nice. The Nashua gets better with wear too.

The Mallards are back again, but I think they forgot to bring summer with them. This was one of few warm and sunny days with little wind. It's been another cool and wet spring.

The Canada Geese are happy about this and so are the MNR's firefighters, but the rest of us miss warmth and sun.

More another time. I'm falling asleep at the keyboard. Hopefully it won't be this long before I can string together a few pictures and words.