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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Canada is amazing!! I am so freaking happy right now! Not only did we break the record for number of gold medals, but we smashed it for the Host country! If I was still a drinking woman, I'd be sloppy right now.

I even managed to finish my hat! I am so happy I am mental for exclamation points!!

Curling inspired. Some of the design is lost due to the crown shaping though.

There are a few "design elements" I didn't have the heart to pull back and fix or make better. Like the mini hacks making the U look weird. Who knows, I may yet unpick it and rework it into a sweater. The design is too big for a nice rounded crown and it's large enough around to be a sweater for Boyo.

Must go now. I have a child to drive home and another to put to bed.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Closing Ceremony Looms

Knitter may be screwed. By a hat. Sadly, me thinks the eraser has been the biggest obstacle to the completion of this hat. That pattern has been reworked so many times, I'm surprised the lines on the chart paper are still intact!

Also in the way of completion, lack of knitting forward. There's been way more tinking and ripping due to not being able to follow my own chart than knitting. It's not even a complicated pattern.

Ah, well. The laundry pile is teetering, the children are hungry, gymnastics is soon and I must go slog on. Wish me luck. Maybe next year I'll set my sights lower. If there is a lower to achieve! Oy!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Knock, knock!

Who's there?
Knitting who?
Knitting Olympics!

Okay, so it's not much on the funny side, but it might be funny if I fail to complete something so basic as a hat.

Not a challenge you say? I wouldn't think so either, but it seems that with everything we have on the go now, it just might be a challenge to design and knit a hat in 17 days. I still have to keep the mountain of laundry from turning into an avalanche, feed the children, take the Girly to all her activities, take her sliding on weekends that it's nice and occasionally clean. The Mr. is working until next Thursday too. It might be down to the wire.

Girly would like to show you her teeth. The tooth fairy showed up with two golden coins (loonies/$1.00 coins for those in other countries) and let her keep a tooth for the keepsake box Nanny sent her. We left a note for the tooth fairy asking nicely for that favour. She left one for Ruth. The kids at school were impressed more by the note than the coins. One kid said her tooth fairy left her blue five dollar money. I would like that tooth fairy to show up at my house.

There has been a bit of sewing around here. The Rag Blanket still has my minuscule attention span.
Girly's. Just right for in the car.

Boyo's. Perfect for his car seat or for a visit to a friend's.

I haven't abandoned knitting completely. I have one project I am working on right now, but I'm keeping it under wraps for now. If it works out, I have plans for the pattern.

This little neckwarmer was for Girly. I started at the bottom and did the decreases by knitting 2 through the back loop. It creates a left leaning stitch so once the decreases were done, I kept the lean by cabling 2 stitches. Makes a nice waving grain type look.

Waving Grain

If I had time and or energy, I'd examine it and write out what I did. Since I don't, if you want to make one, give'er. You'll have to figure it out on your own though. :) You can do it.

More as the Olympics progress. I think.

"Girly's having fun! Is it my turn next Momma?"